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NYHET - Storsäckar för ved med 66% mer luftgenomströmning

Här kan företag lägga in länkar till sina egna hemsidor

NYHET - Storsäckar för ved med 66% mer luftgenomströmning

Inläggav LC Packaging » ons 09 dec, 2015 10:39

New big bag for wood & logs!

Do you want to buy directly from a producer or through a middleman?

Ventilated big bags
LC Packaging’s Vento mesh fabric provides a innovative step in ventilation of bulk
packaging compared with any other fabric available on the market. The Vento fabric increases
the airflow with 66% compared to a 26 air stripe ventilated fabric.

This type of design with its open weave allows wood or logs to season as quickly as possible and to be delivered to end users without any repacking. This minimizes handling and maximizes efficiency.

LC Packaging’s big bags for holding logs or wood are also available in a combination of 26 air
stripe ventilated fabric and Vento mesh fabric that provides over 45% more airflow compared
to a normal 26 air stripe fabric.

This unique mesh fabric gives a durable bag that holds its shape very well. Our Vento mesh
fabric big bags can also be fitted with loops at the bottom to enable the bag to be emptied for
reuse. It comes in different measurements depending on customer needs.

A combination of our unique Vento mesh with standard air stripe fabric is also a possibility
and available on request. Depending on order volumes all bags can be adjusted according to
customer requirements and can also be printed with company logo, phone number etc.
All types of wood or log bags are available in different sizes.

 Size examples: 1 m3 and 1,5 m3
 Lifting loop length: standard 25cm or as requested
 Safe working load 1,000kg
 Safety factor for one or multiple times use
 Lifting loops at base if requested
 Top quality printing available

Keeps your industry going -

About LC Packaging
• Family company founded in 1923
• More than 70,000 m2 storage filled with products ready to be ordered and shipped
• Approx 1,000 employees
• Offices in 16 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe
• European big bag market leader
• All big bag types available
Own production facilities and selected production partners

LC Packaging Nordic AB
Gyllerogatan 1
SE-233 51 Svedala

Johan Pagels
Tel: +46 (0) 738 112 443
LC Packaging
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Blev medlem: ons 09 dec, 2015 10:19
Ort: Svedala


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